Migrating from Staging to Publications

Staging has been a staple feature of Liferay for many years. With it, users can add content and make changes to a site in a working environment before publishing them to their production/live environment. However, with the new Publications feature, we've re-envisioned the process for managing and publishing changes to your site and its content. We’ve listened to your feedback and have designed Publications with you in mind. If you are currently using Staging, you could dramatically save time and improve your operational resiliency by migrating to Publications today!

Upcoming Webinar Session

To help you and your team make the transition, we're hosting a webinar on February 1st, 2023, where you can sit down with a Liferay Technical Architect to walk through the ins and outs of Staging and Publications. This is a great opportunity to get a direct feature overview, ask questions, and get feedback on how Publications can meet your specific technical needs.

Sign up for the Circles of Success Webinar now!

Additional Resources

In addition to that, we've also prepared a variety of resources to empower you and your team to learn and take the next step with Publications on Liferay 7.4:

*New* Documentation:

*New* Videos:


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