Beta Features

Beta Features are features, functionality or capabilities made available by Liferay within Liferay DXP software that are tagged with a “Beta” flag. Beta Features are in active development and are not ready for production use. However, Liferay makes these Beta Features available for Subscribers to test and validate with their use-cases and business objectives, and ultimately provide critical feedback. With this program, Liferay can accelerate the release schedule for Liferay DXP and deliver Subscriber-driven development to the market.

Beta Features are considered experimental and should be used at the discretion of the subscriber. These features should not be used in production environments. Beta Features may be enabled, at the customer’s discretion, in the portal’s instance settings (Control Panel > Instance Settings > Platform > Feature Flags). Beta features will be clearly marked with a "Beta" tag in the UI.

Liferay may choose to evolve or deprecate and remove Beta Features in future releases. 

Subscription Coverage

Support Services, provided as part of Liferay Subscriptions, do not include coverage for Beta Features. This means that Support SLAs applicable to Liferay Software are not applicable to Beta Features. Further, Liferay may, but Liferay Subscription Services is not required to provide assistance with installation, configuration, or troubleshooting of Beta Features and is not required to offer product defect resolution. However, subscribers are encouraged to provide feedback and report issues through the avenues listed below. 

The support coverage outlined in Maintenance Mode and Deprecations does not apply to Beta Features. The evolution or deprecation of Beta Features may call for migrating or removing application data and may not contain an upgrade path. Liferay is not required to assist with any issues arising from the deprecation of Beta Features. Beta Feature deprecations may be announced in the Release Highlights of an Update.

Reporting Issues and Feedback


Subscribers can provide feedback or ask questions concerning Beta Features in the Liferay Community Slack channel or the Liferay Ask beta feature feedback forum. The feedback provided will help Liferay improve the Beta Feature prior to a potential General Availability release, as well as understand the user experience and prioritize future development.


Subscribers are encouraged to report product defects within Beta Features by creating a post in the Liferay Ask beta features feedback forum or by creating a Help Center ticket. Support will report the issue for resolution and close the Help Center ticket.

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