What is a Vanilla Bundle?


  • What does it mean to test with a Vanilla Bundle?


  • DXP 7.0 | DXP 7.1 | DXP 7.2 | DXP 7.3 | DXP 7.4


  • Firstly, it may also be referred to as a clean, blank, or fresh bundle. 
  • In Liferay Support we often use this term to describe a base-level instance of DXP.
  • The primary purpose of testing this way is to identify whether behavior is a core Liferay bug, an environment/configuration variable, or other. 
  • Given this is an in-house jargon we have provided steps of what constitutes a vanilla bundle below for reference and clarity.


  1. Go to our Help Center and download a bundle at the necessary patch level with Tomcat (tar.gz).
  2. Create a fresh MySQL database.
  3. Create a portal-ext.properties file with a jdbc driver updating the database, server, and login info.
  4. Startup Liferay.
  5. Go through the setup wizard and enter test credentials.
  6. Go to the [deploy] folder and drop a license activation key.
  7. Stop Liferay.
  8. Startup Liferay again and verify that you can login with no errors. 

This is our standard baseline and so we change or configure additional variables according to your specific environment only in so far as you have informed us.

Additional Information

  • Alternatively, a Docker Bundle could be used interchangeably. 
  • This is not to be confused with a Slim Bundle.
  • Please also see our policy on Customizations for additional reasoning as to why we test on vanilla bundles. 
  • You can skip Steps (2.) & (3.) and use the default Hypersonic Database if you do not have quick access to utilizing a full RDBMS. Hypersonic does have some limitations by comparison, but should work fine for many testing situations. 
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