ADA Compliance: JAWS Screen Reader announcement does not match actual key command.


  • When I activate the three dot menu control, the JAWS announcement is not matching the actual key command. JAWS reads “Press space to activate the menu”, however, pressing space bar does not activate the menu. The menu is only activated by pressing the “enter” key.
  • Steps to Reproduce using JAWS Screen Reader
    1. Navigate to Applications Menu button and activate the button
    2. Activate the control panel tab from the expanded menu
    3. Activate the "Users and Organizations" tab under "Users" section
    4. Navigate to the three dot menu control for any user and observe the JAWS announcement


  • Liferay DXP 7.4 Prior to U60


  • This issue has been resolved via LPS_168276. If you experience this issue please contact Liferay support to request a hotfix or upgrade to U60 or higher.

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