All product option displayed


  • The Product Detail Widget is showing all options
  • Steps to reproduce:
    1) Make an option 'City' with four values and provide the names listed below.
    2) Create a product TEST
    3) Add the option to the product and make it an SKU Contributor.
    4) Create Delhi and Mumbai as SKUs (Make sure they are SKU Contributors).
    5) Navigate to Catalog -> Click on the product TEST.
    6) Click the Options List in Product Details.
    Expected Behavior: It will only display the two options that have been created as valid items to add to the cart, as they were the only 2 SKU Contributors that were created.
    Observed Behavior: It displays all of the options. If users click 'Choose an Option', it will only show the two correctly. However, if the user clicks any of the options again, it will display all four.


  • Liferay DXP 7.4
  • Commerce 4.0


  • The observed behavior is Commerce known bug which is being addressed here: COMMERCE-11003

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