Blank screen is seen after password reset


  • A blank screen (with url http://localhost:8080/c) is seen after user password is reset.
  • The expected behavior after password reset is for users to A) be successfully redirected to Liferay home page and B) remain logged in.
    • However, in DXP 7.4 u50 (and below) with set in, users are instead redirected to a blank page after password reset.
    • In DXP 7.4 u51 and higher with , users are successfully rerouted to the Liferay home page, but users are logged out. 


  • DXP 7.4


  • When property is set to false in in DXP 7.4, sessions are being invalidated in PasswordModifiedFilter due to differences in passwordModifiedDate and creation date of the current session.  This is a bug solved by LPS-182143 -- please update to a more recent Update release with the fix included or reach out to Support for a hotfix including the fix. 
  • A valid workaround would be to set instead in

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