Content getting lost with multiple locales


  • Users that add their regional language to their DXP setup via file may see unexpected behavior with web content, such as clearing input from text fields of content when changing locale from one to another:
    • locales= en_US,ar_SA,hi_IN,ta_IN,as,gu,bn,kn,mr,ml,pa,te,or
      locales.enabled= en_US,ar_SA,hi_IN,ta_IN,as,gu,bn,kn,mr,ml,pa,te,or


  • Liferay DXP 7.4


  • The observed behavior can be observed if the locales are not defined correctly in the file. For example, in this case, the following way would be helpful in defining locales:
    • locales= en_US,ar_SA,hi_IN,ta_IN,as_IN,gu_IN,bn_IN,kn_IN,mr_IN,ml_IN,pa_IN,te_IN,or_IN
      locales.enabled= en_US,ar_SA,hi_IN,ta_IN,as_IN,gu_IN,bn_IN,kn_IN,mr_IN,ml_IN,pa_IN,te_IN,or_IN

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