User gets error when submitting Form if the Form is edited by an Admin


  • It might happen that a user is filling out a form while it is being edited by an Admin.
  • When the user wants to submit the form, an error message will be shown and the form data isn't submitted to Liferay.



  • Liferay 7.2+



  • This issue is fixed by: LPS-183544
  • After installing the fix, the user is able to submit the Form even when it was changed in the meantime.
  • Once the Page reloads after the submission, the new version of Form will be displayed.
  • Even though the user filled out the old version of the Form, the submission will contain only the fields which are appropriate to the new version.


Additional Information

  • Please follow the LPS to see which Fix Pack or Update will contain the fix.
  • You can also request a hotfix from Support.
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