Liferay Experience Cloud Business Continuity

Ensuring that your site is up, running, and accessible to your users is paramount. This is why Liferay stands by our Monthly Application Availability (MAA) commitment of 99.8% or greater for Liferay Experience Cloud customer projects. Liferay provides business continuity that you can depend on.

Data Redundancy

To enhance data reliability and availability, our databases are configured within a Multi-Availability Zone (Multi-AZ) environment. This strategic configuration consistently replicates your data across different secure, isolated locations, mitigating risk by ensuring that it isn’t susceptible to a single point of failure.

High Availability 

Uptime and reliability are of the utmost importance.. This is why Liferay Experience Cloud environments employ multiple instances of services such as Liferay DXP, the Search Engine, and the Web Server in order to achieve a high level of availability. This redundancy reduces the risk of downtime or interruption of your business-critical processes.


Sometimes unexpected scenarios lead to increased load on a site. When this happens, Liferay Experience Cloud services are equipped to scale both horizontally (adding more machines) and vertically (adding more power to an existing machine) to meet the demand. Then, once the high traffic event concludes, the services scale down to normal size. This feature is automatic, seamless, and requires no customer intervention.

Disaster Recovery

Redundancy, high availability, and backups are even more critical when disaster strikes. In the unlikely event of a major outage, Liferay’s disaster recovery plan leverages all of our continuity tools to get things back up and running. You can have the peace of mind that, even in the most critical of incidents, Liferay has you covered. If you have questions about the disaster recovery plan, submit a ticket and our support staff will get them answered.

Developing for Liferay Experience Cloud 

With Liferay Experience Cloud and Client Extensions, we have what you need to achieve the solution you want. And if you want to go further and do more, our technology allows you to build your Liferay solution with your own tools and integrate it.

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