07/25/2023 - Release Updates


  • Enhanced backup operations with several improvements, including clearer CLI hints, refined error messages, optimized logging, and advanced download file management for better user experience and data integrity.
  • Refined Backup activity displays to provide more relevant information, replacing environmental names with specific backupId details for enhanced clarity, standardizing activity notifications, and ensuring users are adequately informed about which backup operations are being performed.
  • Enhanced the backups page to include a clipboard feature, allowing users to effortlessly copy backupIds, facilitating smoother troubleshooting and streamlined CLI backup operations.
  • Optimized the disable route to reduce response times from over 20 seconds, likely due to admin email notifications, ensuring a swifter user experience when disabling autoscale.
  • Introduced an improved method to separately download and process tar files, enhancing the efficiency and stability of large backup restorations. By conducting rigorous testing on various bandwidths and memory limits, the initiative aims to identify optimal conditions that prevent system failures, such as out-of-memory errors, while ensuring smooth backup and restoration processes.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where user passwords were being logged in debug mode on GCP's liferaycloud project, ensuring sensitive information is no longer exposed in provisioning container logs.
  • Addressed vulnerability by correcting 'access-control-allow-origin: *' misconfiguration on multiple prod resources, preventing potential unauthorized cross-origin requests.
  • Fixed an issue where the LXC cluster backup restore process consistently halted at 85.83%, hindering configuration changes and hotfix implementations for the production environment.
  • Fixed backup service does not retry when rate limit for 'cloud sql admin api' is reached
  • On simple file system backup, creating a backup with no files can hang forever
  • Logs do not load on console
  • Internal Team Scope users are unable to deploy builds


  • Console Migration of the services scale page
  • Limit API autoscale to DXP services
  • Increase timeout on logs routes to avoid terminating logs download logs requests
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