08/01/2023 - Release Updates


  • LCD-24303 Update Project's page to list a summary of each projectScreenshot_11.png
  • LCD-27747 Improve load time performance of the Activities page
  • LCD-28501 In the backup service image 5.0.0, we've introduced the PREPARE_AND_SWAP restore strategy, which will now be set as the default Restore Strategy for enhanced performance and reliability. While the OVERWRITE strategy will remain available as an optional choice for a transitional period, our aim is to transition all users – particularly new customers and those in test/dev environments – to the more efficient PREPARE_AND_SWAP method. Please note that in our upcoming Backup solution, the OVERWRITE strategy will no longer be supported, signaling our move towards more robust backup solutions.

Bug Fixes

  • Removed the Status Alert field from the Alert Preferences page to enhance clarity and user experience until a comprehensive solution is implemented.
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