Continued Enhancements to the Log Management Interface

Released 08/22/2023


Following our recent update to the Liferay Cloud platform's Log Management UI, we have listened closely to your feedback and continued to refine the log viewing experience. Here's what we've improved:

  1. Restored Horizontal Scrolling: Navigate through lengthy logs more easily with the reintroduced horizontal scroll.

  2. Dark Mode for Log Viewer: Many users preferred the terminal-like dark mode experience, so we've reintroduced it to reduce eye strain and offer a familiar interface.

  3. Streamlined Log Presentation: We've reduced the height of each log line, removed unnecessary dividers between logs, and eliminated pills to offer a cleaner view.

  4. Optimized Column Layout: To better prioritize information, the default columns have been adjusted to showcase Level, Time, Service, and Message. Plus, with reduced gutter space, it's now easier than ever to get an overview of your logs.

  5. Introducing Fluid Layout: Adapt to various screen sizes and preferences with our new layout size option.

Your feedback drives our enhancements, and we're committed to providing an optimal logging experience. Thank you for helping us make Liferay Cloud even better!

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