09/21/2023 - Release Updates


  • Configure Host Aliases Thorough LCP.json: Added capability for users to customize the /etc/hosts file of their container pods via the LCP.json configuration. This enhancement, achieved through the new hostAliases property, provides a seamless method for users to establish custom hostname-to-IP mappings. 
  • Add Option to Restore Database Only: Introduced a feature allowing users to restore only the database component from backups, enhancing flexibility and reducing downtime during recovery.
  • Display Build Inspector: Integrated a build inspector within the UI, providing detailed insights into the build processes to aid in monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Build Inspector Actions: Enhanced the build inspector with actionable controls, allowing users to interact directly with builds for increased management capabilities.
  • Programmatic Provisioning of PSC Through APIs and Securing Kubernetes Services: Automated the provisioning of Private Service Connect (PSC) through APIs and introduced security enhancements for Kubernetes services, simplifying setups and securing applications.
  • Consume Private Service Connect Services Published by Customers: Enabled consumption of Private Service Connect services published by customers, enhancing the integration capabilities within private networks.
  • Add New Environment Variable LCP_OKTA_REDIRECT_URI: Introduced a new environment variable to customize the redirect URI for Okta integrations, enabling more flexible authentication workflows.
  • Update CLI to List the --extension Parameter: Updated the CLI to support the '--extension' parameter, allowing users to specify extensions during command executions for greater customization.
  • Update API Version from HPA Liferay-autoscale Objects: Updated the apiVersion for Horizontal Pod Autoscaler (HPA) objects to ensure compatibility with newer Kubernetes versions.
  • Create LCP Auth Token Command on CLI: Added a command in the CLI for generating Liferay Cloud Platform authentication tokens, simplifying authentication for automated scripts and integrations.
  • Configure AzureDevOps SCM Source on Jenkins: Configured Jenkins to recognize AzureDevOps as a Source Code Management (SCM) source, broadening support for various version control systems.
  • Create 'Plan Data' Section for 'Plan & Usage' Page: Introduced a 'Plan Data' section on the 'Plan & Usage' page to provide users with comprehensive insights into their service plans and usage statistics.

Bug Fixes

  • LCP CLI Repeats Most Recent Log Line: Addressed an issue in the LCP CLI where the most recent log line was erroneously repeated, ensuring log accuracy and reliability.
  • Unreadable JSON Logs in Jenkins Console of Pull Request Test Runner: Fixed a formatting issue in the Jenkins console to display JSON logs as human-readable text, improving the usability of log data for debugging.
  • Concurrency Error in Orphaned Bindings Migration: Resolved a concurrency issue during the migration of orphaned bindings, ensuring a smooth and error-free migration process.
  • Ensure Error Cause Is Logged When Logging Errors: Enhanced error logging mechanisms to include causes of errors, providing deeper insights for quicker troubleshooting.
  • API Migration Deletes Needed Bindings for DR Projects: Corrected a critical issue where necessary bindings for Disaster Recovery (DR) projects were inadvertently deleted during API migrations.
  • On liferaycloud-development, Migration to Delete Orphaned Bindings Does Not Take into Account Multiple Mongodbs: Improved the migration script to consider multiple MongoDB instances when clearing orphaned bindings, ensuring comprehensive data integrity and system cleanup.
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