If Guest user submits a Form with an uploaded file, the email sent about Form submission does not show the file


  1. Add a Liferay Form with an Upload field
  2. Enable Guest upload for the field
  3. Enable email sending for Form submission
  4. Submit the Form as Guest

Result: The email is sent, but instead of the content of the file upload fields (e.g. the file names of the uploaded files), there is an error message: "Content is temporarily unavailable".

In the console you see:

com.liferay.portal.kernel.security.auth.PrincipalException$MustHavePermission: User 20099 must have VIEW permission for com.liferay.document.library.kernel.model.DLFileEntry 56168



  • Liferay DXP 7.4



  • This behavior happens if the Guest user does not have "View" permission on the Form itself.
  • To change this, please navigate to the Form, click the Ellipsis menu next to the Form title, and select Permissions. Check "View" permission for the Guest Role and Save.
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