Unable to copy from file:/opt/liferay/osgi/modules error when starting docker


When starting Liferay docker environment, the user gets the following error: 

ERROR [main][ModuleReadHookImpl:88] Unable to copy from file:/opt/liferay/osgi/modules


  • Docker
  • Liferay Quarterly Release 2023.Q3


  • Because in 2023.Q3 the directory osgi/modulesalso contains Liferay modules. This may clash with some of Docker's own volume for your developments. 
    LPS-200065 will move Liferay modules to the directory osgi/portalinstead osgi/modules. This fix is expected to be included in the 2023.Q4 quarterly.
    An alternative resolution to the 2023.Q3 versions is to define your own directory using portal-ext.properties of the form:



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