Asset Publisher Template for the Web Content Display is unusable after deleting owner of the content


  • After deleting a user from the portal, content created by it gets inaccessible if trying to edit with the specific user tag on Asset Publisher.


  • Liferay Portal 6.2+


  • Liferay does not recommend deleting users, especially the ones who have created content that might be important. What we usually suggest is to deactivate the users that are no longer active, therefore, if needed to edit anything created by these users, these actions can be performed.
  • The portal does not warn about user deletion unfortunately, however we do make it harder to delete a user.
  • Additionally, the db has no foreign keys or db-managed relationships of any kind. The API does some cascading deletes, but leaves some data in place because it may be used by content in the portal.
  • The creating user (owner) is a critical aspect of all records on the platform. The dependency tree can often be too large to show for key users such as content creators. Again, user deletion is of course allowed, but we never recommend it.




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