Web content's category is added in the page source


  • When we add a category to a web content and view it, the page source contains the category's name as a meta element

  • Is it intended?


  • Liferay DXP 7.0+


  • The behavior is intended, and the category should appear as metadata as it is a standard behavior for SEO purposes.
  • However, we have identified that the categories for Internal Vocabularies are also showing as metadata and should not behave like that, so we have opened LPS-200750 to address that. The categories of an Internal Vocabulary should help organize and search their content internally, so Internal Categories should only be exposed to Site members.
  • If you feel it would be useful for users to decide at a Display Page level what categories should be added as metadata, please open a Feature Request at https://liferay.dev/ask/questions/feature-requests. In the description, the reason can be explained so that our core developers can evaluate the importance of the requested change. You can find more information on how to open a Feature Request ticket by going to the following link: Requesting a New Feature or Feature Improvement
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