Total allocated memory for a service (shown in cloud console's monitoring) is not updated


  • We have a custom service running in one of our LXC-SM environments (the issue might be relevant just as well for a default stack service of Liferay Cloud)
  • A couple of days ago (or recently), in this service's LCP.json file, we increased the "memory" setting and deployed this modification, which was successful.
  • However, if we go to Monitoring (in cloud console) and select this service, the Memory tab/button still shows the previous memory figure after the "of" word. Why doesn't it show the new figure?


  • LXC-SM


  • this is intended behaviour, because the value shown in that Memory button is based on an aggregate, an average (by default for a whole month), and since the memory setting was changed only a couple of days ago, this interval also includes the previous time, when this setting was lower. If you were to change the interval with the date picker, to e.g. the last 2 days, then it will show the right figure. And when we get to the point that only such metrics are included where the memory change was done (so, after the memory change), then the new, increased memory figure will be shown on that button. 
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