LXC-SM: Custom domains are not SSL certified by Liferay


  • We have domains that are NOT using custom SSL certificates, however, they refuse to use https connection.


  • Liferay Experience Cloud Self Managed (LXC-SM)


  • The correct methodology to achieve these results is modifying your LCP.json file of your Webserver service like the following:
  • "prd": {
    "loadBalancer": {
    "targetPort": 80,
    "cdn": true,
    "certs": [
    "customDomains": ["custom-domain.with-custom-certificate.example"],
    "key": "@ssl-key-secret-multidomain",
    "crt": "@ssl-crt-secret-multidomain"
    "customDomains": ["custom-domain.with-default-certificate.example"]
  • Proper changes in certificate generation may take a couple of hours.

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