The link received in the email notification after form submission is showing the 'Page Not Found' Error for Guest User on SaaS environment (LXC)


  • The link received ('click here to access the form') in the email notification after form submission, is not working for the guest users and showing the 'Page Not Found' Error. However, the link is working fine for the signed-in users.
  • The guest user must be redirected to the login page instead of getting a 404 error page.


  • Liferay DXP 7.1
  • Liferay DXP 7.2
  • Liferay DXP 7.3
  • Liferay DXP 7.4


  • In Liferay's System Settings, the prompt for login is by default disabled for guest users and the portal will inform all users that a requested resource is not found if they have no entitlements to view the resource. The portal will not prompt for login even if the user is a guest user and the guest user gets a 404 error rather than being prompted to login when accessing a private resource like the link received in the form. (Please note that the System Settings are not accessible on the SaaS environment)
  • To redirect the guest user to the login page (on the LXC/SaaS platform), the ('Prompt Enabled') option must be enabled at the Instance Level as well as at the Site Level.
  • Navigate to Control Panel > Instance Settings > Login (under security) > enable the 'Prompt Enabled' option (☑️); additionally, navigate to Product Menu > Configuration > Site Settings > Login (under security) > enable the 'Prompt Enabled' box (☑️).

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