CPU utilisation is going greater than the 100%


  • During backup, the CPU utilization is greater than 100% in the monitoring section of the backup service. Is this abnormal in this case?


  • Liferay Experience Cloud Self-Managed (LXC SM)


  • When the services have more than one vCPU, it can report their usage on the scale of 0 to 100* number of CPUs to consolidate it into a single number instead of per-core.
  • By default in Liferay Cloud, the backup service has two vCPUs and 1 GB of RAM, so its usage graph can go from 0% up to 200%
  • Backup Service in Liferay Cloud: 
    Resource Allocation: The RAM and number of vCPUs allocated to the Backup service are determined by the client's subscription plan. The default allocation is 2 vCPUs and 1 GB of RAM for the service.

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