Error uploading files larger than 100MB in Liferay Cloud


  • Uploading files greater than 100 MB for enviroments on Liferay Cloud are failing
    • This occurs even after the Maximum Upload Request Size has been increased to accommodate files larger than 100MB
  • When attempting to upload the file, an error message appears saying "Unable to scan file for viruses. Size limit exceeded."



  • Liferay Cloud
  • Liferay DXP 7.4 connected with ClamAV



  • The Liferay Cloud environment is set up with ClamAV by default
  • It was determined that this issue is due to a size limitation on uploading files in ClamAV.
  • Within the ClamAV logs, the following startup log can be seen by default
    • Limits: File size limit set to 104857600 bytes. 
  • This setting can be changed by changing the following properties in the ClamAV Configuration settings (clamd.conf)
    • MaxScanSize 1000M
      MaxFileSize 1000M
      StreamMaxLength 1000M
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