Jenkins build failed with exception of "no artifacts found that match the file pattern build"


  • Jenkins builds are failing with the below errors for all the branches (in all environments)
    Found LiferayCloudProject_v2_0_0 
    Visiting the following service directories:
    BUILD each service in service root directory: /var/jenkins_home/workspace/
    COPY service files to services build path: /var/jenkins_home/workspace/build
    Successfully visited services
    Stashed 0 file(s)
    Archiving build/**
    Archiving artifacts
    ‘build/**’ doesn’t match anything, but ‘**’ does. Perhaps that’s what you mean?
    No artifacts found that match the file pattern "build/**". Configuration error?


  • Liferay Experience Cloud Self-Managed (LXC SM)


  • These errors or behaviors can be observed when the issue is caused by Jenkins being unable to pull the code from GitHub. One possible reason for this could be the expiration of the token

  • In this scenario, the token can be verified, and generate a new one if needed. 

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