Configure Client Extensions Code with Github and Jenkins


  • Is it possible to deploy local code to the SaaS Cloud environment (LXC) via Jenkins

  • If users want to maintain the code in Github then which project structure do they need to follow as part of GitHub?


  • Liferay Experience Cloud


  • All of the Liferay cloud consumers have access to an extensions environment where Client Extensions can be deployed and linked with their LXC environment.
  • Although a CI service is not present in the extension environment, therefore, users will have to incorporate the lcp deploy commands into their own external CI tool.
  • Liferay cloud (SAAS offering) consumers can only access the Cloud Console for their Client Extensions environments. This means that users cannot view logs, restart, deploy, or otherwise manage services on the production project.
  • CI, Backup, Database, Liferay, Search, and Webserver are all inaccessible to the users. However, if information is needed, or an action needs to be performed on the Cloud Console, it should be requested by users via support tickets.
  • As a result, this request is not achievable at this time (At the time of publishing this article)

Additional Information

  • Please submit a support ticket in case any more information is required related to this process. 
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