27-02-2024 Release Updates


  • LCD-32717: Enhanced CLI-Jenkins Integration for Improved Diagnostics Improved the integration between the CLI and Jenkins to enhance log emissions and error propagation. This update enables developers to more effectively diagnose and resolve issues, streamlining development workflows and reducing downtime.

Bug Fixes

  • LCD-35475: Fix for Account Page Load Issue Addressed a critical regression where the Account page was not loading due to recent updates. This fix restores the functionality of the /account/profile and /account/alerts-preferences routes, ensuring users can access and modify their account settings without interruptions. 

  • LCD-35474: Fix for Missing Application Logs Resolved a significant issue where application logs were not appearing in the console, displaying "No application logs available" even when new events were generated. This update ensures that logs are displayed correctly and in real time, enhancing the platform's monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities. 

  • LCD-35145: Resolution of Account Page Access Issue Fixed a recurring problem where the Account page was failing to load, which hindered user access to personal and alert settings. This correction ensures a reliable and responsive user experience when accessing account settings. 

  • LCD-33696: Regex Update for Liferay DXP Hotfixes in Jenkins Enhanced the regex pattern used in Jenkins to match new naming conventions for Liferay DXP hotfixes, facilitating successful hotfix application and ensuring that builds incorporate the latest security patches and bug fixes.

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