Liferay is Updating the Names of Its Offerings

What’s changing

On June 17, 2024, Liferay will change the names of its commercial offerings as follows:

Current Name New Name
Liferay Experience Cloud Liferay SaaS
Liferay Experience Cloud Self-Managed
(formerly DXP Cloud)
Liferay PaaS
Digital Experience Platform Self-Hosted Liferay Self-Hosted

The name of the software product, Liferay Digital Experience Platform (DXP), remains unchanged. 

Why Liferay is making this change

The main reason for the update is to use names that clearly reflect what each offering provides. With the new names, anyone can immediately understand what each offering is. 

Nothing else is changing

For each of the above-listed offerings, the name is the only thing changing. The services, scope, benefits and all other material components included with each offering remain exactly the same as before the name change. 

How we’re managing the change

For 15 months following June 17, 2024, we’ll use the new names but also reference the old offering names in most materials to ease the transition for existing customers. That means you might see text such as, “Liferay SaaS Subscription (formerly Liferay Experience Cloud)” in these places—for example, in: 

  • Order Forms
  • Documentation
  • Training Materials
  • Customer Portal
  • Partner Portal

By the end of this 15 month period, Liferay will fully transition to exclusively using the new names.

For materials that are primarily intended for new customers, we’ll just use the new offering names. This can include: 

  • Marketing materials
  • Sales decks
  • Most parts of


Feel free to reach out to us through  or our usual support channels with any questions!

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