PaaS deployment fails with HTTP Error 408 Request Timeout


  • Today a build on DEV environment fails repeatedly (3 times) with the same error each time:


    Failed to deploy the services in /var/jenkins_home/workspace/xxx_dev/build on 
    HttpError: HTTP Error: 408 Request Timeout


  • PaaS


  • The problem was that the webserver service was not deploying any more. This was corrected after fixing some errors in the nginx config files. We now understand that the problem was caused by these changes:

    Also, after fixing this and the webserver service was deployed successfully, the site did not work, we noticed an error "error connecting to upstream server". The upstream server was at port 81 until now, but now it is on port 8081 (as on UAT env), we checked this on the shell:

    nginx@webserver-594864798d-kfgww:/$ curl curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 81: Connection refused
    nginx@webserver-594864798d-kfgww:/$ curl

    So after changing the port to 8081, the site answers again.

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