No external access to database


  • We need to make some modifications to the database, and therefore we have opened port 3306 of the database to be able to access it from outside, just as we have done many other times.

  • However, this time we were unable to connect to the database with the correct credentials (copied from the console Secrets).

  • We believe that it could be a network issue at the public endpoint.


  • PaaS


  • It so happens that a change has been introduced, for security and performance reasons (to prepare a database engine migration to PostgreSQL), in the 'database' service image from version '5.4.0' onwards that prevents access to open ports from the outside.
  • The available alternatives for making changes to the database are as follows:
    1. Implementing Upgrade Steps. You have the following documentation available on how to implement it: Upgrading your database tables.
    2. Using the database client in write mode: You have the following documentation available on how to use it: Using the database client
    3. Using Groovy scripting (or even your own development that allows you to send DDL statements to the database).

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