Custom Domains

Pointing Your Domain to a DXP Cloud Service

To add a custom domain to a DXP Cloud service, you must point that domain to the service’s URL. To do this, you must use a Domain Management Tool (DMT) and create CNAME records to map the domain to the DXP Cloud service. First, go to your domain provider configuration and add the servers’ addresses to the master and slave entries. These addresses are provided by the DMT you’re using.

Note: Some domain providers let you add CNAME entries. In this case, you don’t need to use a DMT.

Once you point your domain to a DMT, you can add a CNAME entry to each domain or subdomain you want to add. The value for the full domain can be either or the service URL.


Figure 1: This example uses Cloudflare as a DMT to point a domain to the DXP Cloud DNS servers.

Adding Your Domain to Your Service

Once you have pointed your domain to a DXP Cloud service, you can add your domain to your service. You can do this via the web console or wedeploy.json.

Adding Your Domain via the Web Console

Go to your environment page, select the service you want to add your custom domain to, click the Custom Domains tab, and add your domains. You can check if your certificate was properly created by going to the Activities page.


Figure 2: Select the Custom Domains tab and add your domains.

Adding Your Domain via wedeploy.json

You can also add your custom domain via the customDomains property in wedeploy.json:

  "id": "liferay",
  "customDomains": ["", ""]
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