Auto Scaling

Whether due to a traffic spike, memory leak, or some other issue, sometimes your services must be upscaled or downscaled to perform well. DXP Cloud’s auto-scaling feature automatically creates and destroys instances of your service as needed to optimize performance. You therefore don’t need to worry about doing so manually.

Enabling Auto Scaling

You can enable auto scaling via your service’s Scale tab. Navigate to ServicesScale, and click Enable Auto Scaling. With auto-scaling enabled, DXP Cloud monitors your service and scales it automatically according to predefined thresholds.


Figure 1: Enable auto scaling from the Scale tab.

Downscaling Services

To downscale a service, scroll down the Scale tab and click Manual Downscale. This redirects you to a page for you to choose how many service instances you want to remove. Make your selection and click Downscale Service.


Figure 2: You can also downscale your service manually.

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