VPN Connection

DXP Cloud’s VPN feature is an advanced way to connect your DXP Cloud services to external services that have their own private network. This is especially useful when you need to connect your DXP Cloud services to things like databases or applications that are only accessible inside a company VPN.

Connecting to a VPN

To connect your environment to a VPN, first go to your environment’s Settings tab. Then fill in the required fields for the VPN and click Connect VPN. To disconnect your service from a VPN, click the Disconnect button.


Figure 1: You can connect to a VPN from the Settings tab.

Adding Port Configuration

Once you have connected to a VPN, you can also choose which ports to forward requests to. On the same page, click Add VPN Port, then enter the local hostname and port for DXP Cloud, and the forwarding hostname and port for the VPN. Click Add Port when you’re finished. To remove a port, click its Actions button and select Remove.


Figure 2: You can also configure port forwarding.


Figure 3: Remove a port via the Actions button.

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