Real-Time Alerts

Real-time Alerts

Alerts inform you of any unexpected behavior in your project. You can therefore respond quickly whenever problems occur. You can choose which alerts to receive and how you receive them.

Alert Preferences

You can configure your alerts by clicking your profile photo at the top-right corner of the console page and selecting Alerts Preferences. This takes you to the alerts preferences page, where you can configure which alerts you receive and how you receive them. For each alert, select the checkbox for how you wish to receive it. Unselect all checkboxes to disable the alert. Click Save Alerts Preferences.


Figure 1: Access your alert preferences via your user menu.


Figure 2: Select your alert preferences.

Alerts Page

Alerts delivered to your console are accessible from the bell icon on the top bar. There, you can filter alerts by environment and mark them as read. Each alert is triggered by a specific event. If the event is still happening, its alert status is Ongoing. If the event is finished, its alert status is Resolved. The table also contains Started at and Duration columns that tell you when the event started and how long it lasted, respectively.


Figure 3: Each alert appears in a table. Use the selector menus to filter the alerts and mark them as read.

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