Maintenance Mode and Deprecation

Maintenance Mode

Maintenance Mode for a product, app or capability means we are no longer actively enhancing the product or capability with new features. Maintenance mode does not necessarily mean that deprecation in a future Liferay DXP version is planned for the product or capability; it only means that enhancements are not being made for the current Liferay DXP development cycle.

Support Coverage

Liferay will resolve unintended behavior with the product, app or capability in maintenance mode in accordance with the product life. There is no support coverage difference between an item in active development and an item in maintenance mode.

Deprecated Items

Before removal a product, app or capability should be marked deprecated for at least one Liferay version. Deprecation can be indicated in official documentation or the product source code. Products, apps or capabilities can stay deprecated for multiple released versions until product teams are ready to remove the item. An item may be deprecated and removed within the same version at the discretion of the product team.

Support Coverage

From the initial version of deprecation, Liferay will resolve unintended behavior within products, apps or capabilities which are deprecated on a case-by-case basis until the item is removed. For previous versions, items will receive support according to the product service life. For example, if an item was marked as deprecated with the release of Liferay DXP 7.1, for Liferay DXP 7.0 and below that item will receive support coverage according to the DXP product life.

Items which are removed can be released as a deprecated Marketplace app. Marketplace apps can also be marked as Final Version. Unintended behavior for these deprecated or Final Version Marketplace apps will be resolved on a case-by-case basis.

With respect to all deprecated items, Liferay Support Services offers:

  1. Guidance towards the alternative solution if one has been identified by the product team.
  2. Facilitating an interaction with the product team in order to identify an alternative solution.
  3. Identifying the root cause of an unintended behavior within a deprecated item.

Removed or Archived Items

Once marked as deprecated, capabilities or features can be removed from a product with the next minor release (non-maintenance release). Capabilities or features removed from the product are not required to be, but may be released as a Marketplace app. If a capability or feature is removed from the bundle and released on Liferay Marketplace it is considered a deprecated app.

Marketplace apps marked as final version and not released with the next minor version are considered removed or archived.

Support Coverage

Liferay will not resolve unintended behavior or offer guidance concerning removed capabilities, features or apps. Capabilities or features which have been released as a deprecated app on Liferay Marketplace are considered a deprecated app even though they have been removed from the product.

The following items were deprecated and removed from the release of Liferay DXP 7.1. They are not available as a deprecated app on Liferay Marketplace. However, these specific apps will receive support coverage as a deprecated app according to the DXP 7.1 product life.

    • Directory (
    • Friend Requests (
    • Group Statistics (
    • Microblogs (com.liferay.microblogs.*)
    • Recent Downloads (com.liferay.recent.documents.web)
    • Social Activity (
    • User Statistics (
    • Web Content Search(
    • Web Proxy (com.liferay.web.proxy.web)

Breaking Changes

Java Docs

Deprecated or Removed Items

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