New Feature Implementation

Liferay Digital Experience Platform, Liferay Portal EE, and Liferay Commerce ("the product") are designed with intended functionality and any behaviors or issues that conflict with the intended functionality may be verified and resolved. The product's intended functionality is as specified in the official documentation.

If a functionality issue is reported and there is no documentation concerning the functionality (e.g., customer notes that certain functionality is desired, preferred or "missing", etc.), then the issue will be categorized as a new feature request. If a reported issue requires a significant amount of code change in order to resolve, then the resolution of that reported issue will be classified as a new feature request. Reported issues which are classified as a new feature will not have a severity associated with them.

New features are implemented on a case-by-case basis according to the direction of the product as determined by the Liferay Product Teams. New features will not be implemented as part of Subscription Services.  Liferay is not required to implement new features in the subscriber's version.

If new features are introduced into an existing Liferay product version through Software Maintenance services, those changes will be documented in official documentation and noted as changed on Help Center.

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