LCS Server Registration

Liferay Connected Services has been deprecated as of July 1st, 2021. Customers should migrate off of LCS by December 1st, 2021. Please read the Changes to Liferay Product Activation announcement to learn more.

This article documents how to activate your server with Liferay Connected Services (LCS) by listing server registration steps.


In most cases, deploying and configuring the LCS client is simple. If, however, you connect to the web through a proxy or have specific network requirements, please make sure to read through the LCS Preconfiguration requirements. Once you've done that, you are ready to register your Liferay DXP instance with LCS.

Server Registration Instructions

  1. Go to and login with user credentials. Your company's project name should be visible. If not, check for the appropriate project in Manage Projects (click username at the top right or contact Support).
  2. Go to Add New environment tab and add a new environment.
  3. Choose a subscription type for the environment that was just created.
  4. Select whether the environment will be clustered or elastic (if available).
  5. Choose whether to enable Instance Activation in this environment.
  6. Use the Create Environment button to create the environment:
    • new_env_not_wizard.jpg
  7. Once the environment is created, click Download Token on the environment's Registration tab.
  8. Place the environment token in liferay.home/data folder.
  9. If your instance was shut down, it can now be started up. 
  10. Verify on or in your instance's Control Panel that the connection was successful.

If the occasion calls to decommission a server and free its activation key for reuse, please follow the steps below:

Instructions to Unregister Servers

  1. Access the environment that includes the server to be unregistered.
  2. Click the server to be unregistered.
  3. Click Server Settings.
  4. Click Unregister.
  5. After clicking Unregister, go to the log to check for the following messages:
    1. 10:55:10,714 INFO [pool-9-thread-7][SignOffTask:82] Initiate sign off  10:55:10,740 INFO [pool-9-thread-7][SignOffTask:115] Terminated connection  10:55:10,804 INFO [liferay/lcs_commands-1][LCSUtil:126] Deleted LCS portlet preferences
  6. Go to liferay.home/data folder to verify that the LCS token has been removed and that the server is not registered anymore.
  7. Check Subscriptions. There should now be one more available server in the related Subscription Type.
  8. Register the new server.

Additional Information

What happens when LCS is not reachable? Will the Liferay installation think it does not have an active registration?

  • LCS is deployed on a global cloud infrastructure set up for automatic failure recovery. Thus, the potential for non-availability is quite low. However, in the event of a system outage, registered instances maintain a local copy of their uptime information to transmit back to LCS when LCS comes online.
  • Active subscriptions also have a grace period of 30 days to re-establish connectivity to remain valid. This grace period is more than ample for LCS to come back online. Should an extended outage exist, Liferay support can provide temporary disconnected subscription keys to mitigate any potential impacts.
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