Catalog Rules

Catalog Rules manage the catalog’s visibility. They work with user segments to control what portions of the catalog a buyer can see. This can help focus the attention of customers only authorized to purchase products associated with a particular support plan, or who want the convenience of only seeing parts and accessories for equipment they already own.

By default, all users are blacklisted: if no catalog rules are in place, then no users (except Site administrators) can see the catalog at all.

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Site MenuCommerceCatalog Rules and click on the Add button.

  2. Give the rule a Name and enable the Active toggle. To make the entire catalog visible, select All products from the Type drop-down box. To limit the catalog’s visibility, select Categories.

  3. If you selected Categories, Click the Select button that appears and select the categories you want specified users to be able to see. Click Done.

  4. Click Save. A new tab, User Segments, appears at the top of the page.

  5. Click on User Segments and then click the Add button. Select the segment or segments to which this rule should apply. Click Add.

    If you specify more than one segment, the rule applies exclusively. Only users who belong to all the specified segments are included.

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