Introduction to Web Experience Management

Experience; consider that word for a moment. Not the type of experience you gain with repetition, but the contact or encounter you have with something. For example, if you’re hiking in the woods and are mauled by a black panther, you would consider this a bad hiking experience. Suppose you travel to your local food market and someone gives you a large amount of money for no reason other than to be nice. You would consider this a great grocery shopping experience.

These two examples may be a bit extreme, so let’s tone this down to something a little more practical. Suppose you’re a huge sports fan and you’re contemplating whether to buy tickets to the big game next week. What are some of the things you might consider that would determine whether you attend the game or not? The price of the tickets is usually the most important factor. Others may include parking accessibility, distance to the game, quality of your favorite team, and other factors. To determine whether you attend the game, you weigh the negative factors, like price and the stadium’s nightmarish parking setup, with the reason you’re attending the game, the experience. If you expect the experience of seeing your favorite team play to trump the negative factors, you’ll attend. If you expect the experience will be bad or worse than the negative factors you expect to encounter, you’ll stay home and watch the game on TV.

Liferay DXP takes the experience factor very seriously when it comes to web management. Just like the sports fan that weighs the experience vs. the live game headaches, the user/administrator also weighs the experience of using a web platform with the resulting site created on it. With the apps and features provided with Liferay DXP’s Web Experience Management suite, the management of sites, pages, and content is seamless.

Managing sites and pages is a fundamental pillar of any web site, and Liferay DXP provides easy-to-use features that make site/page creation quick and easy. Web Content is another building block upon which most sites rely. With Liferay’s web content apps, you can easily create simple or complex content for your site’s visitors. Once you’ve created content, Liferay DXP also provides several innovative ways to publish that content, so users can find the right information as fast as possible. Sometimes your site must adapt on the fly, whether it be for different holidays or events. A testing environment where you can plan the look and feel of your pages/content gives you peace of mind in knowing that you won’t have to trial and error site changes on a live page.

Just as the die-hard fan knew he’d have a great experience when buying his tickets to the big game, you can expect a great and seamless web experience with Liferay DXP.

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