Starting Site Development

A site is a set of pages that can be used to publish content or applications. Sites can be independent or they can be associated with an organization and serve as the website for that organization. With Liferay DXP, you can create as many different sites as you like within the context of a single Liferay instance.

You can use sites in Liferay DXP to build many different kinds of websites. Whether you’re building a large corporate website, a company intranet, or a small site designed to facilitate collaboration among team members, Liferay’s framework provides all the tools you need.

You’ll begin your journey with a tour of Liferay DXP’s user interface. Next, you’ll create a custom Lunar Resort Example instance and explore ways to create sites and pages for that Liferay instance. There are many different ways to manage your sites and pages, which is also covered. To begin site development with Liferay DXP, continue on to the next section.

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