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Liferay’s Theme Builder gives developers who aren’t using Liferay’s Theme Generator (e.g., Gradle or Maven) a way to compile and build a theme WAR file. To use the Theme Builder, you must apply it to your project. If you’re unsure how to structure themes for Liferay DXP, see the Introduction to Themes tutorial.

Follow the instructions below to apply the Theme Builder plugin and build your theme WAR.

Step 1: Apply the Theme Builder Plugin to Your Theme Project

Liferay provides two Theme Builder plugins depending on your build tool:

If you want to apply the Theme Builder plugin to an Ant project, examine the build.xml file as an example below:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!DOCTYPE project>

    <path id="theme.builder.classpath">
        <fileset dir="[PATH_TO_THEME_BUILDER_JAR]" includes="*.jar" />

    <taskdef classpathref="theme.builder.classpath" resource="com/liferay/portal/tools/theme/builder/ant/" />

    <target name="build-theme">

You should first supply the path to the Theme Builder JAR. The above code configures the literal path to the JAR on your local machine. As an alternative, you could configure Ivy to do this for you behind the scenes. Then create an Ant target (e.g., build-theme) that configures the required parameters to build your theme.

For assistance applying the Theme Builder plugin for a Gradle or Maven project, see the Theme Builder Gradle Plugin or Building Themes in a Maven Project articles, respectively.

Step 2: Build Your Theme

Execute the appropriate command based on your build tool:

  • Ant: ant build-theme
  • Gradle: gradlew buildTheme
  • Maven: mvn verify

The WAR is generated in the following folder, depending on the build tool you used:

  • Ant: /dist
  • Gradle: /build
  • Maven: /target

That’s it! You’ve successfully configured and leveraged the Theme Builder in your project. You can also use the Theme Builder to migrate a Plugins SDK theme to Liferay Workspace. See the Migrating a Theme from the Plugins SDK to Workspace tutorial for details.

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