Specifying Where to Import Your Theme's Resources

By default, resources are imported into a new site template named after the theme, but you can also import resources into a new site or existing sites or site templates. This tutorial covers all these options.

First you must enable Developer Mode for the Resources Importer.

Enabling Developer Mode

Before specifying where to import your resources, you must enable Developer Mode in your theme. To do this, add the following property to your theme’s liferay-plugin-package.properties file:


This is enabled by default for themes generated with the Liferay Theme Generator. This is a convenience feature for theme developers. With this setting enabled, importing resources into a site or site template that already exists recreates the site or site template. Importing resources into a site template reapplies the site template and its resources to the sites that are based on the site template. Without resources-importer-developer-mode-enabled=true, you must manually delete the sites or site templates built by the Resources Importer each time you want to apply changes from your theme’s src/WEB-INF/src/resources-importer folder.

With Developer Mode enabled in the Resource Importer, you can choose where you want to import your theme’s resources.

Importing Resources into Existing Site Templates and Sites

By default, resources are imported into a new site template named after the theme. If you want your resources to be imported into an existing site template, you must specify a value for the resources-importer-target-value property in your theme’s liferay-plugin-package.properties file:



You must import your resources into a site if you define both public and private page sets in your sitemap.json. To import resources into an existing site, uncomment the resources-importer-target-class-name property and set it to com.liferay.portal.kernel.model.Group:



Double check the name that you’re specifying. If you specify the wrong value, you could end up deleting (and re-creating) the wrong site or site template!

To view your theme and its resources, deploy the theme, log in as an administrator, and check the Sites or Site Templates section of the Control Panel to make sure your resources were deployed correctly. From the Control Panel you can easily view your theme and its resources:

  • If you imported into a site template, open its actions menu and select View Pages to see it.
  • If you imported directly into a site, open its actions menu and select Go to Public Pages to see it.

It’s just that easy to import resources with your theme!

Preparing and Organizing Web Content for the Resources Importer

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