Creating Multi and Single Page Variations

You can create two types of page variations:

  • Site Pages Variation (multiple pages)
  • Page Variation (single page)

You can learn more about these variations in the Using Multi and Single Page Variations. As an example, you’ll step through creating a Site pages variation next. Both variation processes, however, are similar.

  1. Select the Options icon (Options) in the Staging Bar and select the variation option. For example, select the Site Pages Variation option. This brings you to a list of the existing Site page variations for your Site.

  2. Click Add Site Pages Variation to create a new one.

    Figure 1: When selecting the Site Pages Variation link from the Staging Bar, youre able to add and manage your Site pages variations.

    Figure 1: When selecting the *Site Pages Variation* link from the Staging Bar, you're able to add and manage your Site pages variations.

  3. Set a name and description for your new Site pages variation.

  4. Set how you want your variation created. From the Copy Pages from Site Page Variation field, you can copy content from an existing variation to create your new one. There are several options to choose in this selector.

    All Site Pages Variations: Creates a new variation that contains the last version marked as ready for publication from any single page existing in any other variation.

    None (Empty Site Pages Variation): Creates a new, empty variation.

    [Existing Variations]: Creates a new Site page variation that contains only the last version of all the pages that exist in a specific variation (e.g., Main Variation). The current variation must be marked as ready for publication.

    The copy option is not available when creating a page variation. A new page variation is a copy of the current Site pages variation.

  5. Click Add to create the Site pages variation.

Awesome! Your Site pages variation is created and available for modification.

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