Integrating with Facebook

Liferay DXP provides tools for integrating your portal and its content with Facebook. For example, you can use Facebook for authentication and even export widgets as Facebook applications. This article shows you how.

Facebook Sign On

Like many websites you may visit, any site running on Liferay DXP can use Facebook for sign in. This makes it easier for users to sign in to your Site, since they don’t need to remember another user name and password. See the deployment documentation for information on using Facebook to sign into Liferay DXP.

Using Your Widget as Facebook Applications

You can add any Liferay DXP widget as an app on Facebook. To do this, you must first get a developer key. A link for doing this is provided to you in the Facebook tab in any widget’s Configuration screen. You must create the app on Facebook and get the key and canvas page URL from Facebook. You can then copy and paste their values into the Facebook tab. Once you do that, your widget is available on Facebook.

This integration lets you make things like Message Boards, Calendars, Wikis, and other content on your website available to a much larger audience (unless you already have a billion users on your site, in which case, kudos to you). If you’re a developer, you can implement your widget on Liferay DXP and then publish it to Facebook.

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