Introduction to Managing Users

Ever heard a retailer advertise as a “one stop shop” for anything you want? The idea is they have so much stuff that whatever you want is probably there. Liferay’s Control Panel is like this. Where do you create users, organizations, or sites? Where do you configure permissions and plugins and pretty much anything else? You do it from the Control Panel. When signed in as an administrator, you can access the Control Panel from the Product Menu by clicking Control Panel.

Figure 1: Administrators can access the Control Panel from the Product Menu.

Figure 1: Administrators can access the Control Panel from the Product Menu.

The Control Panel is divided into four main areas: Users, Sites, Apps, and Configuration. The Users section lets you create and manage users, organizations, user groups, roles, and password policies. If monitoring has been enabled for your portal, you can also view all the live portal sessions of your users.

What’s New with User Management?

In Liferay DXP version 7.0, the user management functionality and behavior didn’t change much from previous versions. Improvements to existing behavior were introduced, but most of the work went into the back-end code so that future enhancements could be made. In Liferay DXP 7.1, we’re excited to announce some new features for user administrators:

  1. Numeric screen names can be used without issue out of the box. Read here for the details.

  2. Add organization types from System Settings. There’s no need for portal properties anymore, or the requisite system restart. Read here for the details.

  3. Configure default user profile pictures from System Settings. Read here for the details.

Begin exploring Liferay’s User Management functionality by reading about adding and editing users.

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