Users and Organizations

Users and Organizations are fundamental entities. If your portal requires people (even just a set of site administrators) to have accounts to do anything, you need to know about users. If your users are at all divided hierarchically, like into departments, you’ll find that organizations are helpful.

You’re probably not surprised to hear that Users and Organizations are managed in the Control Panel’s Users and Organizations section. If it were any different, it’d be weird.

Consider the Lunar Resort portal. Consider what you’d do if

  • An employee leaves the company to join that pesky competitor, Martian Resort and Luxury Spa.
  • An employee joins the resort as a new Mechanical Crew member.
  • An employee is promoted from Crew Supervisor to Department Head and needs the requisite permissions.
  • You need to organize the users by department.
  • A new department is added to the Lunar Resort and the employees need their own internal website.
  • An employee gets married, and their name changes.

The user tasks listed above are all resolved in the Users and Organizations section of the Control Panel.

What are Users?

In case there’s any confusion over the term, a User is an entity that can sign into the portal and do something. Generally a User has more privileges, called Permissions, than a Guest of your site, who does not sign in. Users are assigned Roles, and Roles define the User’s privileges.

Understanding Users is pretty straightforward. Organizations are a bit trickier, but a smart administrator like you is undoubtedly up to the challenge. Read more about Organizations here.

The remaining articles in this section give you guidance on managing (creating, deleting, editing, and more) Users and Organizations.

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