Miscellaneous Settings

The Miscellaneous tab of Control Panel → Configuration → Instance Settings contains display settings and a few integration configurations.

Miscellaneous: Display Settings

Set the default instance language and time zone. You can also choose an instance-wide logo that appears in the top left corners of pages.

When configuring a new logo, be careful to choose an image file that fits the space. Large images might overlap with the navigation.

Miscellaneous: Integrations

In the Miscellaneous tab below the Display Settings form, there are three additional configuration forms for these integrations:

Analytics: Enter an analytics system or remove one of the two pre-configured options (google and piwik). Activate these systems here, and configure them at the site level.

Maps: Choose OpenStreetMap or Google Maps as the maps API provider for geolocalized asset display.

Google Apps: Specify the Google Apps API Key and Google Client ID to integrate Google Apps.

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