Installing Liferay Enterprise Search

X-Pack is an Elasticsearch extension for securing and monitoring Elasticsearch clusters. If you use Elasticsearch, you should secure it with X-Pack. The security features of X-Pack include authenticating access to the Elasticsearch cluster’s data and encrypting Elasticsearch’s internal and external communications. These are necessary security features for most production systems. A Liferay Enterprise Search Premium subscription gets you access to two X-Pack Connectors for Liferay DXP: monitoring and security. A Liferay Enterprise Search Standard subscription gets you the monitoring integration. Contact Liferay’s Sales department for more information.

Here’s an overview of using X-Pack with Liferay DXP:

  1. Get an Enterprise Search subscription.

  2. You’ll receive license for X-Pack. Install it on your Elasticsearch servers.

  3. Download and install the X-Pack connectors you purchased. Access the connector corresponding to your subscription level:

    Enterprise Search Standard

    Enterprise Search Premium

  4. Configure the connectors with the proper credentials and encryption information.

  5. Restart Elasticsearch. These steps require a full cluster restart.

Following these instructions gives you a working installation of Elasticsearch communicating freely with Liferay DXP. Elastic’s documentation explains additional configuration options, features, and the architecture of X-Pack.

Now you can configure security and/or monitoring, depending on your needs.

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