Installing Liferay Enterprise Search

A Liferay Enterprise Search (LES) subscription provides access to additional search features beyond what’s available out of the box with your Liferay DXP subscription. To see a detailed description of the services and features included with LES on Liferay DXP, refer to the official description of LES in the Liferay DXP Components resource.

LES customers receive a platinum Elasticsearch license from Liferay. There can be a delay between your subscription and receipt of the license, but you can enable a 30-day trial to work with in the meantime.

Detailed installation and usage instructions are available in the article for each LES feature, including

Always check the LES compatibility matrix for compatibility information.

Here’s an overview of using LES with Liferay DXP:

  1. Get an Enterprise Search subscription.

  2. You’ll receive a license for the Elasticsearch features. Install it on your Elasticsearch servers.

  3. Download and install the Liferay Enterprise Search apps you purchased.

  4. Configure the connectors with the proper credentials and encryption information.

  5. Restart Elasticsearch.

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