Using the Guestbook List and Entry List Screenlets

Now that you have the Guestbook List and Entry List Screenlets, you’re ready to put them to work. As you’ll see, using these Screenlets isn’t much more difficult than using Login Screenlet. This is an advantage of Screenlets; it typically takes only a few minutes to get them up and running. They also integrate with the rest of your app’s UI.

To add your Screenlets to the app, you’ll follow these steps:

  1. Understand how GuestbooksActivity’s UI works. Since your Screenlets augment this UI instead of replacing it, you should first understand how it works.

  2. Prepare GuestbooksActivity for Guestbook List Screenlet.

  3. Use Guestbook List Screenlet by inserting it in GuestbooksActivity.

  4. Create EntriesFragment for Entry List Screenlet. You’ll also set GuestbooksActivity to display this fragment when a guestbook is selected in Guestbook List Screenlet.

  5. Use Entry List Screenlet by inserting it in EntriesFragment.

If you get confused or stuck at any point in this section of the Learning Path, refer to the finished app’s code here in GitHub.

First, you’ll see how GuestbooksActivity’s UI works.

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