Introduction to Importing Resources

A theme without content is like an empty house. If you’re trying to sell an empty house, it may be difficult for prospective buyers to see its full beauty. However, staging the house with some furniture and decorations helps prospective buyers imagine what the house might look like with their belongings. Liferay’s resources importer application is a tool that allows a theme developer to have files and web content automatically imported into the portal when a theme is deployed. Usually, the resources are imported into a site template but they can also be imported directly into a site. Portal administrators can use the site or site template created by the resources importer to showcase the theme. This is a great way for theme developers to provide a sample context that optimizes the design of their theme. In fact, all standalone themes that are uploaded to Liferay Marketplace must use the resources importer. This ensures a uniform experience for Marketplace users: a user can download a theme from Marketplace, install it on their portal, go to Sites or Site Templates in the Control Panel and immediately see their new theme in action. In this section, we discuss how to include resources with your theme. We also explain how to develop other types of plugins that import resources into Liferay.

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