Migrating Servers Between LCS Projects or Environments

This article documents the two options that Liferay Connected Services (LCS) Administrators have at their disposal to transfer a Liferay server, registered with LCS, from one project or environment to another.


Once a server is connected, LCS will gather data about the system, such as page analytics, fix pack status or property values, as defined by the services selected when generating the environment token. This data can be accessed in the Server View at any time. 

When moving a Liferay server to another environment or project, LCS Admins can choose whether to keep the past information about the server in its current environment or to remove it. 

Option 1 - Maintain Server History in Previous Environment

  1. Shut down the server
  2. Delete the LCS token from the ${liferay.home}/data/ folder
  3. Replace the LCS client with the latest version if needed
    1. Remove Liferay Connected Services Client.lpkg found under folder ${liferay.home}/osgi/marketplace/
    2. Remove all contents from the following folders: 

      1. ${liferay.home}/data/license/ 

      2. ${liferay.home}/osgi/state/ 

      3. The application server's temp and work folders, for example in case of Tomcat ${tomcat.home}/work/

    3. Place the new Liferay Connected Services Client.lpkg found in the ${liferay.home}/osgi/marketplace/ folder

  4. Place the new LCS token in the ${liferay.home}/data/ folder
  5. Start up the server

Option 2 - Remove Server History From the Previous Environment

  1. While the server is up and running, unregister it from its current environment by following these steps:
    1. Navigate to the server view in lcs.liferay.com
    2. Go to the Server Settings page
    3. For more information on how to unregister servers, refer to: LCS Server Registration
    4. Click Unregister
  2. Shut down the server
  3. Place the new token in the ${liferay.home}/data/ folder
  4. Start up the server

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