Stopping Liferay DXP 7.0 LPKG Modules

This article documents which LPKG files can be disabled with little or no negative effects as part of Liferay's introduction of modularity in Liferay DXP 7.0. Because certain core functionalities have been turned into modules using the OSGi framework, there are benefits which have been noted in other documents but bears repeating here: it enhances customizations according to how each customer wants to use DXP 7.0.

Some have asked whether it is better to remove physically certain "unwanted" modules or to disable them through systems settings once the platform has started. If it is possible to remove them, which ones can be safely removed?

Important Note: Most of the LPKGs are not able to be deployed while the server is already running because they require a server restart. Administrators can tell which modules adhere to this rule by looking at the property restart-required=true in the file of any given LPKG. The reason an LPKG may require a restart is for safety and to ensure no errors. 

Moreover, at this time, physically removing the files will cause Patching Tool framework to fail.


The following LPKGs should not be removed because these will cause the platform to fail.

  1. Foundation
  2. IP Geocoder*
  3. OAuth Provider*
  4. Web Experience
  5. Marketplace
  6. Static
  7. Connected Services**

The following LPKGs can be removed without negatively impacting the portal's performance.

  1. Documentum Connector
  2. Sharepoint Connector
  3. Sync Connector*

Overall, it is much easier to  stop  any unwanted LPKGs from running (done in the Control Panel). This will not break the platform in the long term, because this action is persisted as long as the osgi/state folder has not been removed, and those LPKGs will remain in the off state. Once the osgi/state folder is deleted per normal patching procedures, those LPKGs will be restarted along with the rest of platform.

Please Note:

* Individually, IP Geocoder and OAuth Provider can be removed without impacting the platform but they are absolutely required for Sync Connector 4.0.1+ or else the platform will not restart. See this Knowledge Base article: Known Issue: Liferay Sync Connector 4.0.1 Deployment Fails to Restart.

** Removing the LCS Client from a portal/platform licensed with a token will make it inaccessible, once the 7 days grace period is over.

Additional Information

It is possible in the future that there will be a white list or black list feature using either a or .cfg to control which module is started.

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